Grant Construction has been creating and enhancing clients homes since 1985. We believe in offering exceptional service, quality products and workmanship.

Being experienced in all aspects of construction, we take care of the entire process, from drawing and submitting plans to completion.

All work, whether maintenance, addition or new home, is dealt with in the same manor. Only top quality products are used and all work is carried out as per building regulations. No short cuts are taken.

We are NHBRC registered and qualified Master Builders. We are proud of what we do, and would consider it a privilege to be of service to you.

Places we have worked


Castle Road, Assagay
Fernview Place, Assagay
Highmead Country Estate,Protea Place, Assagay
Assagay Crescent, Assagay
Castle Road, Assagay

Cowies Hill
Falcon Place, Cowies Hill
Hopson Road, Cowies Hill
Hillside Crescent, Cowies Hill

Morningside Road, Durban
Sixty-eighth Avenue, Umhlatuzana, Durban
Highgate Close, 11 Audley Gardens, Durban
Archbell Road, Durban
Essenwood Road, Durban
Montpelier Court, 27 Montpelier Road, Durban
Adams Crescent, Sherwood, Durban

Horseshoe Crescent, Everton
Acutts Drive, Everton

Forest Hills
Central Avenue, Forest Hills
Kloof View Road, Forest Hill
Sylvan Crescent, Forest Hills

Minerva Drive , Gillitts x 4
Oriel Road, Gillitts x 2
Macfarlane Drive, Gillitts
Patricia Road, Gillitts
Anthony Drive, Gillitts x 2
Weaver Avenue, Gillitts x 5
Halstead Road, Gillitts x 2
Plover Place, Gillitts
Ashley Drive, Gillitts x 2
Bridgette Road, Gillitts
Norton Avenue, Gillitts
Woodbury, 6 Bartle Road, Gillitts
Marianne Road, Gillitts
Deborah Crescent, Gillitts

The Orchards, Augusta Country Estate, Hillcrest
Milborne, 14 Hilltop Road, Hillcrest
Hilltop Road, Hillcrest
Warrior Road, Hillcrest x 2
New Forest Avenue , Kirlington, Inanda Road, Hillcrest
Mill Road, Hillcrest

Manor Close, Hilton
The Gates, Hilton Road, Hilton x2

Uplands Drive, Kloof x 3
Springdale Road, Kloof
Inkonka Road, Kloof
Kenilworth Road, Kloof
Lynton Road, Kloof
Guinea Fowl Glen , Kloof
Buckingham Road, Kloof
Emolweni Road, Kloof
Usavulo Road, Kloof



New Germany
Umdoni Road, New Germany

Newsel Road, Umdloti

Milkwood Crescent, Umhlanga Rocks
Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks

Mac Mac Drive, Waterfallx 2
Kundalila Road, Waterfall

Audley Road, Westville x 2
Wellington Rd, Westville
Blair Athol Road, Westville
Kew Avenue, Westville
Jan Hofmeyer Road, Westville
Albizia Place, Westville
Winston Road, Westville
Merrivale Road, Westville

Winston Park
Vian Road, Winston Park
New Old Main Road, Westville
Montgomery Drive, Winston Park

Yellow Wood Park
Starling Avenue, Yellow Wood Park

Other area’s
Greenpoint Road, Clansthal
Bosch Hoek Estate, Midlands
Mbona Private Nature Reserve x 6
Misty Acres, Mbona Private Nature Reserve, Karkloof x 5
Club House, Mbona Private Nature Reserve, Karlkloof
Roads, Mbona Private Nature Reserve, Karlkloof
Orangewood Estate, Cramond, KZN
Sunulwane Hills Game Lodge, Bayals, KZN
Irene Street, Monteseel
Tugela River Mouth x2
The Gates, Hilton
Little Maritzburg Road, Salt Rock
Kube Yini, Zululand
Tedder Ave, Elysium, South Coast
Lone Tree Place, Mont Rose, Pietermaritzburg
83 Rosemarie Ave, Monteseel


When working at a school special consideration is given to:

  • Safety – the area under construction is clearly cordoned off and access strictly controlled.
  • Daily education routines – as far as possible disruption to daily education routines is kept to a minimum. Deliveries are not scheduled at peak access times to the school (morning drop off and afternoon collection).
  • Special Needs Students – we are sensitive to the special needs of certain children who could be adversely affected by construction work on site ie. epilepsy triggered by noise.
  • All employees of Grant Construction are permanent members of staff and are well known to ourselves. We do not employ casual workers.
  • Etiquette – our staff are aware of the etiquette of working within a school and work environment. They will not approach any member of the school staff or learner at the school. They will not be unnecessarily loud or vocal on site.
  • Hazardous Work – Any work that we consider hazardous will be undertaken over the weekend so as not to endanger any school staff member or learner.

Schools we have worked at

Hillcrest Primary School, Emoyeni Drive, Hillcrest

St Mary’s Diocesan School For Girls

Thomas More College, 15 Sykes Road, Kloof

Fulton School, 8 Roosevelt Road, Winston Park

Commercial projects

6 Mahogany Road, Mahogany Ridge
14 Silicon Road, Marian Ridge, Pinetown
18 York Road, Gillitts
120 Victoria Road, Pietermaritzburg
Tilt Up Park, Umdoni Crescent, Westmead
Philip Frame Road, Jacobs
37 Gillitts Road, Pinetown
Gillitts Industrial Park, 31 Gillitts Road, Pinetown
29 Gillitts Road, Pinetown
Pinecrest Centre, Pinetown


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